No excuses left for learning something new

I bought an acoustic guitar as a Christmas present to myself. Nothing fancy. It’s a decent one.

A coupon came with the guitar. Jamplay, on-line guitar lessons. The coupon gave me free access, so why not give it a whirl?

So far, I love it. There are more than 50 teachers. Lessons include all different styles. Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, Folk, you name it. I chose beginner lessons, of course.

It use to be hard to learn a new skill. You had to find an instructor to learn an instrument. Tough to do in a small town. No instructor? Your only option was to pick up a book at the library or buy a book. Books can certainly help. It’s not easy, though, to pick up a new skill on your own with only a book as a guide.

Woodworking, leather working, welding, cooking, knitting. Find a teach, find a mentor or find a book.

Mentors and teachers are everywhere now with access to the Internet. Sites like Jamplay, Instructables, Craftsy, Skillshare and other sites I don’t even know about offer high quality video instruction. You can watch the videos over and over. Progress at your own pace.

Can’t really hide now. Our excuses are gone.

Go learn something new.