Is an either or option better than no option at all?

I submitted my online hunting report to the Washington Department of Fish and Game. The State requires a hunter to report whether he or she hunted and whether or not the hunt was successful. If you don’t report, you get a ten dollar fine added to next year’s license.

Fair enough. Ten bucks isn’t a bank breaker. And it’s just high enough to help me remember to submit my report. I forgot on year and the extra ten bucks pissed me off.

And I understand why the State wants the info.

The report was easy for me this year. I didn’t hunt in 2016. Only one check box for me to complete.

Actually, two.

The second box asks if the reporting tool is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. That’s the choice and you can’t skip out. My report isn’t complete until I answer the question.

But how do I answer?

Should I choose unsatisfactory? The website is kinda clunky in my opinion. The State changed the site since I lasted reported, so I had to redo my user name and password. Then I couldn’t get signed in. LastPass, for some reason, saved my computer generated password incorrectly. I had to go through the motions of saying I forgot my password and get a new password. You know. I’m sure I’m not alone with the password struggles.

Were my password struggles part of the States clunky site? Maybe. More than likely it was user error.

So I chose satisfactory. But what does satisfactory mean? What does it mean to the State? Does satisfactory mean the site kinda sucks but doesn’t suck enough to be unsatisfactory? How does the State know what needs to be improved if it gets a lot of unsatisfactories? (Did I just make up a word?) If the State gets a lot of satisfactories, does it assume all is well? The site works like a champ?

No, there isn’t any way to comment.

As far as I can tell, the question is bullshit. Unsatisfactory doesn’t explain what needs fixing. Satisfactory doesn’t mean much at all.

So why ask the question?