Global warming is one of Scott Adams’s favorite topics. Experts on both sides – those who believe global warming is an immediate threat and those who think it’s a hoax – have excellent arguments, he says. A non-scientist like Adams has no way to tell which side is right.

Even scientists can’t tell who’s right.

Adams creates a thought experiment. The perfect global warming expert. She works in the field, has all the current information on global warming and  is a great communicator. She can explain the most recent theories so even a dolt (probably like me) can understand.

Let’s say you know nothing about global warming. Never even heard of the term. You would be convinced by a scientist like her. She works in the field. She knows all the up to date information. She explains it well. Of course, you’ll believe her.

But you shouldn’t, Adams says.

What isn’t she telling you? There wouldn’t be an opposing view if the proof for global warming were that strong. There is opposition. Don’t tell me that the scientists who question global warming are all nut jobs. Sure, some of them may be. But there are also legitimate scientists who have legitimate arguments against global warming.

She knows these arguments. She doesn’t want you to know about them.

And what about her biases? Sure, she’s a scientist. Sure, her work is peer reviewed. But so what? Scientists are humans. They have biases.

It doesn’t mater if your an expert or an interested amateur. No one has the definitive answer. About global warming or anything else.

People get worked up about all sorts of issues. Global warming. Affordable health care. Illegal immigration. Terrorism. The national debt. What ever. Just name a subject.

There is no way the average citizen can gather all the information needed to have an informed opinion. We choose our side and then search for the information that supports it.

Remember that the next time you’re mad at your neighbor. He may be ignorant, but so are you.

It’s okay to have your opinion. Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one.